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Native American Sea Eagle

Marker ID:  
Location: Dollywood Lane, Pigeon Forge, TN
County: Sevier
Coordinates: N 35° 47.646    W 083° 31.758
  35.7941    -83.5293
Waymark: None


Native American Sea Eagle·
Dollywood Park

Did you know…*Our National bird is of the order falconiformes and first appeared 25 million years ago. It is the only native American eagle & the only eagle species living strictly in North America.
*This regal-looking bird is a superb hunter. Thanks in part to its incredible vision-which is roughly that of a man looking through six-power binoculars. Soaring at dizzy height, it can detect the smallest motion on ground or in water.
*Other survival equipment includes its long broad wings with 20 inch primary feathers which can be spread like fingers. These allow soaring without flapping & provide great lift at slow speeds.
*Its diet is 90% fish, which may be freshly dead or alive. They also feed on rabbit and injured waterfowl.