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Shelby - Fayette - Hardeman County Line

Marker ID: THC 4E 20
County: Shelby
Waymark: None


Shelby County
Established 1819; named in honor of
Isaac Shelby

who, along with Andrew Jackson, was appointed United States Commissioner; together they arranged the purchase of the Western District from the Chickasaw Indian Nation in 1818.

Fayette County
Established 1824; named in honor of
Marquis de LaFayette.

Established 1824; named in honor of Marquis de LaFayette. A French nobleman, patriot and distinguished soldier who rendered invaluable service to the American Colonies during the Revolutionary War.

Hardeman County
Established 1823; named in honor of
Thomas Jones Hardeman.

Captain during the War of 1812; Colonel of Tennessee Militia in the fighting before New Orleans; Quartermaster of Jackson's Natchez Expedition, 1812. One of the commissioners who established Bolivar in 1825. Moving to Texas in 1830, he was prominent in the fight for independence; he later became a member of the Congress of that Republic.

Erected by Tennessee Historical Commission


The THC handbook shows this marker as “Shelby - Fayette- Hardeman County Line”. This maybe a misprint since the three counties do not share a common border. This marker may be either the Shelby - Fayette County Line or the Fayette- Hardeman County Line.