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Mullins United Methodist Church

Marker ID:  
Location: 4 North Mendenhall Road, Memphis, TN
County: Shelby
Coordinates: N 35° 07.851    W 089° 53.881
  35.13085    -89.89801666
Style: Free Standing **
Waymark: WM3K4M


Mullins United Methodist Church, named for its first minister, the Reverend Lorenzo Dow Mullins, was established July 15, 1845, in a one-room log structure on this site. Federal troops dismantled that building in 1864 and used its timbers to construct Fort Hurst, located northwest of the present-day intersection of Poplar Avenue and Erin Drive. In 1876, with logs reclaimed from the fort, the church was rebuilt as a one-room frame house. In 1897, a third church was built to replicate the deteriorating frame and log structure. That building was replaced in 1947 by another copy of the 1876 edifice, and it continues to serve as the Mullins Chapel. Adjacent to the chapel is the fifth sanctuary, which was dedicated April 14, 1957.

Shelby County Historical Commission and Mullins United Methodist Church