Historic Markers Across Tennessee

Beale Street #4

Marker ID:  4
Location: 138 Beale Street, Memphis, TN
County: Shelby
Coordinates: N 35° 8.38    W 090° 3.166
  35.13966666    -90.05276666
Waymark: None


Beale Street #4

"Saturday night was the fabulous night on Beale street. Our parents kept the store opened late. We were children; we used to sit on little chairs outside the store and watch. If we got sleepy, they would put us to sleep on a rack of pants until they took us home at one or two in the morning."
Irving Straugh

"We used to have shoes sitting out front. A man came along and stole one shoe. So Uncle Sam says, 'I'm going to catch him. He put the other shoe out there, and the man stole the other shoe. That's why in our showwindow there is only one shoe to this day."
Abe Schwab

"Anything that was pawnable, they'd pawn- their false teeth, their toasters. They'd have breakfast and would go to the pawnshop with the toaster still warm. One fellow came out of a taxi-cab with an artificial leg and wanted to pawn the leg. I wouldn't take it."
Lou Rafale

Center for Southern Folklore