Historic Markers Across Tennessee

Ostrica Lock/Buras, Louisiana/Empire Lock/Nairn, Louisiana

Marker ID:  3
Location: Mud Island River Park, 125 N Front Street, Memphis, TN
County: Shelby
Coordinates: N 35° 8.848    W 090° 2.891
  35.14746666    -90.04818333
Style: Free Standing **
Waymark: None


Ostrica Lock/Buras, Louisiana/Empire Lock/Nairn, Louisiana
Panel #3 Mississippi Riverwalk

A) Ostrica Lock
Mile 25.2 AHP

This lock connects the river to the Gulf of Mexico through a short channel extending north into Breton Sound. It is used chiefly by fishermen, crew boats, and pleasure craft.

B) Buras, Louisiana
Mile 26.0 AHP

Buras is part of the citrus growing area that stretches in a narrow band along the river. The orange and grapefruit are harvested from October through January when the weather permits.
Hurricanes have heavily damage Buras and destroyed many older orange groves.

C) Empire Lock
Mile 34.5 AHP

This lock is the entrance to the Empire Waterway, a direct navigational channel to the Gulf of Mexico. It is primarily used by commercial vessels carrying seafood, shells, and offshore drilling equipment.

D) Nairn, Louisiana
Mile 34.5 AHP

During the flood of 1973, the river began to eat away at the bank in front of the Nairn Levee. Army engineers and local volunteers joined forces to save it. Sandbags, stones, gravel, shell, and ever old car bodies were heaved into the giant hole that the river had gorged. Their efforts held back the river long enough for the Corps of Engineers to build a setback levee to protect Nairn.

A photo of this marker can be found on HMDB.org


AHP - Above Head of Passes, this is the distance from the mouth of a river when measured along the course (navigable channel) starting at zero.