Historic Markers Across Tennessee

Advance on Fort Donelson

Marker ID: THC 3C 33
Location: U.S. 79, Stewart County, 4.2 miles west of junction with TN 49
County: Stewart
Coordinates: N 36° 28.474    W 087° 57.360
  36.47456666    -87.956
Style: Free Standing **
Waymark: WMJPAK


Here was the Ridge Road from Ft. Henry to Ft. Donelson. After Ft. Henry's capture, Grant marched the southernmost column of the Army of the Ohio on Ft. Donelson along this route. Leading, in battle formation was the 1st Brig., 1st Div. Col. R.J. Oglesby, followed by the 3rd Brig., Col. W.R. Morrison and part of the 3rd Div:, Brig. Gen. Lewis Wallace; part of this division went by river.


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