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U.S. Gunboat Carondelet

Marker ID: NPS 
Location: Fort Donelson Tour Stop 4 (River Batteries), Dover, TN
County: Stewart
Coordinates: N 36° 29.721    W 087° 51.397
  36.49535    -87.85661666
Style: Free Standing **
Waymark: None


U.S. Gunboat Carondelet
February 14 1862

The onshore Columbiad fired projectiles that tore all the way through the gunboat, showering sailors with splinters. When Carondelet's acting starboard bow gunner, John Hall, saw shots coming, he crouched down and called out "Down!" His men then stood clear of the portholes. Some foolhardy crewmen ignored Hall's warnings. An incoming 32-pound shot tore off one gunner's cap — and the heads of two men who didn't duck. One engineer said the shot "seemed to bound after the men like a wild beast pursuing its prey."

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