Historic Markers Across Tennessee

Joe Brown Bivouac, U.C.V.

Marker ID: THC 4E 121
Location: Tipton county, in Covington, Cobb-Parr Park, Bert Johnson Avenue on grounds of Tipton county Veterans Memorial Museum
County: Tipton
Waymark: None


In 1898, the Joe Brown Bivouac, United Confederate Veterans, was established as a social, historical, and benevolent organization. It was named in honor of Joseph Brown of Covington, who in 1864 was mortally wounded at the Battle of Harrisburg, Mississippi. For years the Bivouac sponsored the Brighton Confederate Reunions and assisted indigent veterans. In 1934, the members donated their assets to the Covington Board of Education as an endowment for the school libraries. This fund was liquidated in 1993.