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Samuel Winstead (1778-1851)

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Location: 1113 Hill View Lane, Franklin, TN
County: Williamson
Coordinates: N 35° 53.475    W 086° 52.692
  35.89125    -86.8782
Style: Free Standing **
Waymark: WM9MT


(side 1)
Samuel Winstead, a native of Virginia, came here in 1799. At his death, his $34,000 estate included several tracts of land and 78 slaves. His will granted freedom and passage to Liberia for all his slaves upon the death of his wife. At Susannah's death in 1862, questions arose as her will attempted to leave the slaves to her second husband, Jeremiah Stephenson. With the Civil War came emancipation and the Winstead slaves never went to Africa. After years in local court, the Tennessee Supreme Court ruled on the issue in 1870 granting the Winstead ex-slaves their $26,900 portion of the estate. Luckily, the escrow had been invested in U.S. bonds and the beneficiaries received $364.25 each. Winstead is buried here along with several members of the John McKinney family, who owned the property prior to 1814.

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Winstead's inventory of slaves in 1851 included Aggy, Lum, David, Lucy, Herod, Stepheny, Dembo, Billy, Tom, Susan, John, Dennis, Daniel, Jo, Ned, Peter, Lee, Jim, Kesiah, Issac, Jacob, Mary Jane, Sam, Margaret, Charlotte, Joseph, Jerry, Henry, Emiline, Manerva, Elizabeth, Isaac, Harriet, Amy, Victoria, Ellen, Nelson, Martha, Cannon, Daniel, Dick, Charles, Susan, Cuffy, Robin, Lewis, Tom, Ellison, Elizabeth, Cherry, Milly, Hannah, Sally, George, Randal, Jeff, Mahala, Linsey, Caroline, Jack, Sarah, John, Anderson, Celia, Green, Sam, Catharine, Caroline, Jack, Francis, Sain, Edmond, Elvin, Louisa, Watson, Ellick and Allen. It is believed some of the slaves were buried here with their master. Several of their descendents still live in Franklin.

Erected 2005 by Williamson County Historical Society.