Historic Markers Across Tennessee

Tennessee Valley Divide

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Location: is on Natchez Trace Parkway (at milepost 423.9), 0.2 miles south of Tennessee Route 96, Franklin, TN
County: Williamson
Coordinates: N 35° 59.031    W 086° 59.682
  35.98385    -86.9947
Waymark: None


The high ground you are on is part of a long ridge that divides central Tennessee. Streams south of the divide flow to the Duck and Tennessee Rivers, while streams to the north empty into the Cumberland River.

Travelers in the early days of the Natchez Trace were more conscious of the divide. Moving on foot or on horseback, they noticed changes in elevation and stream direction. going north toward Nashville, Tennessee the Valley Divide marked the edge of the frontier — the end of Chickasaw Indian Country.