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Battle of Franklin, Eastern Flank / Shells from Fort Granger

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Location: 1368 Eastern Flank Cir, Franklin, TN
County: Williamson
Coordinates: N 35° 54.557    W 086° 51.627
  35.90928333    -86.86045
Waymark: None


Battle of Franklin, Eastern Flank
Shells from Fort Granger

About one mile (1.6 km) directly north of you stands Fort Granger, a large earthen fortification that provided the Union army a commanding view over much of this area. Built in the spring of 1863, Fort Granger sat on top of Figuers’ Bluff overlooking the Harpeth River and the town of Franklin. Its earthen walls encompassed twelve acres (24,000 square meters) and served as a main base of Union operations in the area through 1863. Small garrisons held the fort through 1864.

When Confederate Gen. John Bell Hood launched his 20,000-man assault here on November 30, 1864, solid shot and exploding shells fell in and around these fields and to your left. Col. Marcus D.L. Stephens, 31st Mississippi Infantry, reported that a single shell killed or maimed seven of his men just west of here.

Part of this deadly fire came from four 3-inch ordnance guns at the fort, manned by the artillerists of Battery D, 1st Ohio Light Artillery. Union commander Gen. John M. Schofield had posted the battery there just before the battle began. During the fight, the 1st Ohio’s gunners fired no fewer than 163 rounds, inflicting most of their damage on the Confederate infantry traversing the Nashville & Decatur Railroad bed about 660 yards (600 meters) to your left.

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