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History of the Logs Used in this Cabin

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Location: on West Main St west of North Cumberland St, Lebanon, TN
County: Wilson
Coordinates: N 36° 12.508    W 086° 17.479
  36.20846666    -86.29131666
Style: Free Standing **
Waymark: None


History of the Logs Used in this Cabin·
Neddy Jacobs Cabin Site

The original site of this log cabin was in Leeville, Tennessee on the old Nashville-Lebanon stage route (Hickory Ridge Road). It was built in 1833 by John Kelley, a Methodist minister, and his wife, Margaret Lavenia Kelley. It was built on land owned by Mrs. Kelley’s father, Revolutionary War Colonel David Campbell.

The Kelleys’ son, David Campbell Kelley, was born in this cabin on December 25, 1833. He became a Methodist minister and went as a missionary to China in 1854. Returning home, he served in the Civil War with General Nathan Bedford Forrest. He became a colonel and was known as “The Fighting Parson”.

After the war, he established Corona Female Academy in Lebanon in 1866. He also pastored churches in Lebanon and later served at McKendree Methodist in Nashville. In 1873, he was instrumental in establishing Vanderbilt University. He ran for governor of Tennessee on the Prohibitionist Party in 1890, but was defeated. He died in 1909.

2001 by The Hardy Family; Wayne, Jean, Jo Ann, Phillip, Chelsea and Ben..


This is a small free standing plaque