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155 mm Long Tom

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Location: on Cannon Rd near the visitors center in the Veterans Memorial Park, US 280 west of Cordele, GA.
County: Crisp
Coordinates: N 31° 57.548    W 083° 54.705
  31.959133    -83.91175
Style: Interpretative Sign **
Waymark: WM8WG3
155 mm Long Tom Marker  


During the 1920s work began on an improved artillery gun, to have greater elevation and more power. After several setbacks a design eventually came together and was standardized in 1938 is the 155 mm gun M1 on carriage M1. The carriage was a split tail model with an eight wheeled undercarriage supporting the main weight and a two wheeled limber to take the tail ends for movement. The M1 carriage was also used for the 8 inch howitzer

The 155 mm gun M1 was a superior field artillery weapon noted for its excellent long-range accuracy. It was the only US Army towed artillery weapon with a commonly used the name - "The Long Tom."

The M1 first saw action in North Africa in 1942 - 1943 and rendered him and outstanding service anyplace the Army fought in World War II. The Long Toms, along with you 155 mm and 8 inch howitzers were the backbone of the US heavy artillery.

The long Tom became the standard heavy gun for the U.S. Army and was adopted by the British Army during the war. The gun remained in service with both nations until the 1950 and numbers were still in service throughout the world until the late 1970s. Basic design features of the 155 mm gun M1 and the 8 inch howitzer were used in US Army artillery weapons design in service 50 years later.


155 mm Long Tom


Plaque on the side of the piece reads: Rock Island Arsenal, 1943
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